Growth Mindset


growth mindset

Over recent years our schools have embedded a ‘Growth Mindset’ philosophy which underpins our vision and values and is supported by our carefully planned curriculum.

The schools have undertaken training and action research, based on the work of ‘Growth Mindset’ expert Carol Dwveck. In particular we have worked with educationalist Barry Hymer, whose work in schools is based on Dwveck’s research and Educational Coach Maureen Bowes, whose work supports a ‘Growth Mindset’ approach.

Fixed Mindsets

A fixed mindset comes from a person who does not believe that the intelligence level of an individual can change and that the natural capacity for knowledge that people are born with is static.  The research argues that people of a fixed mindset are more likely to document their intelligence rather than develop it. The outcome of this is the belief that talent alone will bring success and that effort is in no way a contributing factor.

Growth Mindsets

A growth mindset, however, is altogether more fluid. It is the attitude that believes most abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. It expounds the idea that anything is possible and that there is no such thing as ‘can’t’.  Dwveck argues that if all students could be moulded into a growth mindset, it would create motivation and increase productivity, as well as enhancing relationships and inspiring pupils to monitor and reflect upon their own learning.

Our Grow Values

Therefore our school values are based on this ‘Grow’ model, with four values which are important if we are to develop and retain a growth mindset, underpinned by the fifth value of respect.

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We believe this approach will ensure that “everyone will achieve their best”.

A link that you can visit to explore if you would like to is Growth Mindset Link

You will find there is a good maths growth mindset explanantion that we shared with the Junior Children recently.